David Beard: who is he and what he does

David Beard combines his expertise in physiology and biochemistry with his experience in business, human resources and behavior change to get to the heart of problems faced by individuals and businesses.

He is driven by two things. One he hates and the other he loves.

David hates waste. 

Whether it is wasted opportunities, wasted resources or wasted effort. 

And he wants the same for everyone else.  He shows people how to achieve the outcomes they want as efficiently and effectively as possible.   (The truth is, David is just lazy and he wans to get the maximum results from his time and effort and he thinks everybody else should do the same).

David loves maximizing potential.  

He believes every person and organisation has the ability to achieve extraordinary things, and that with the right behaviours, consistently followed, anything is possible.

That doesn’t mean he offers quick fixes or easy solutions.  He helps people and organisations develop lifestyle and business habits that work in the long term.  The behaviours, that if they are done regularly and with purpose, make life easier, more enjoyable, more productive and more profitable.  

David speaks, trains and mentors.  

He shows people how to get more out of the limited time and energy they have; whether it be the 168 hours in the week, the 40 working hours per week, the 35 hours of sleeping time per week or the 30 minutes they have for exercise per day.

David Beard is passionate about helping people to be fit, healthy and as productive as possible.  However, with over thirty five years experience he realizes that, for many people, it’s easier said than done.  His practical, realistic approach means his clients get results in the most effective and efficient way possible.