Executive Mentoring

The Executive Mentoring program is designed to get results. David works with clients who know they need to be fit and healthy to achieve the success they want in life and to be able to enjoy the fruits of their work.  Each client is different.  David tailors his services to meet the needs of each person because he knows that is the only way to achieve lifetime fitness.


Program components


1. Initial Consultation – Fact Find

In this one-on-one session, David captures the information essential to designing a program that will meet the needs of the client.  In it he finds out:

  • Past exercise history
  • Activity preferences
  • Family/Injury history
  • Current activity
  • Work commitments
  • Family commitments
  • Travel commitments
  • Current fitness levels
  • Relevant medical history
  • Medications
  • Health risk profile
  • Fitness Goals

Where a client has recently undergone a health and fitness evaluation the results will be used to develop the lifestyle strategy.


2. Lifestyle Strategy

Based on the information gathered in the Fact Find a personalised lifestyle program is designed to achieve the best results given work and family commitments.

If a client has a specific fitness goal, the program will be tailored to ensure the attainment of that goal (e.g. climb Mt Kilimanjaro).

David will go through the strategy to ensure the client is committed and that their expectations are realistic.  

During this session we also address the potential obstacles and barriers that may prevent the client from completing the exercise required and develop some interim goals and timelines.

3. Education

Each client has different levels of exercise knowledge and experience.  David works with clients to teach and show them how to exercise safely and to get maximum results.  Sessions are arranged to meet the specific needs of each client.  This may also incorporate advice on the purchase of fitness equipment (bike, shoes, home gym)


4. Ongoing Monitoring and Support

The hardest part of any fitness program is to stick at it.

David communicates regularly with clients to keep them on-track and motivated. Contact is face-to-face, telephone and email to best meet the needs of the client.  Ongoing fitness ‘checks’ are conducted to monitor progress and adjust the fitness program as required. 

These sessions also incorporate other health and fitness education on topics such as diet, alcohol, health screening, stress and communication. 


5. Personalised Training Sessions

Some clients need the accountability of a training coach or partner to achieve the results they want.  When required, David will coordinate training sessions with individual clients to ensure they comply with the program. 


6. Family Consultation

To achieve long-term results family and peer support is essential. For those clients who have family members also wanting to improve their health and fitness or who are key influencers in the success of the program (e.g. cook most meals) David can consult with them as a group or as individuals.