What others say about david

Speaking Testimonials

David Beard was the Keynote speaker at Council on the Ageing’s Stay on your feet week seminar 2008.  

His informative talk on active ageing strategies was a hit with our audience.  Feedback from our participants rated him as ‘Excellent’ and we look forward to David presenting with us in the future.  His message is well delivered and even better received.  All the hallmarks of an excellent presentation.

Ken, CEO Council on the Ageing

David Beard was invited to speak at our annual staff conference where we bring everyone together to inspire, generate new ideas and foster team spirit.  Having spent the afternoon prior discussing and brainstorming ways to improve occupational health and safety, his talk that night was an excellent fit to the programme.  

David spoke about what we can do now, to improve our quality of life in our later years in an amusing and insightful manner.  Lots of practical tips to strengthen your muscles (and your resolve) wherever you are; eating tips, drinking, sleeping and exercising tips. David inspired and challenged us all to make healthy lifestyle choices. 

Anne Marie, Financial Services

I have had the pleasure of being part of an audience which was addressed by David Beard.

David manages to entertain, educate and enthral his audience all at once. His interest in his subject matter was obvious, his knowledge was thorough and his delivery was masterful.

All in all a conference highlight!!!!

Dianne, Insurance industry representative

David Beard’s presentation at the IAAA conference in Perth was the perfect start to a long day in the conference room. The interactive nature of David’s presentation not only captured and held the delegates attention, but also invigorated the audience for the following presentations. One of the highlights of the conference.

Hugh, Insurance Broker

Excellent presentation, it answered a lot of my questions and confirmed things I had been considering. Thank you”

“Brilliant topic and speaker”

“Great exercise tips to give to the elderly”

“Truly motivational!”

“Very informative and interesting speaker, thank you”

“Wonderful topic”

I have experienced 3 presentations from David Beard, ranging from 20 people to over 200 people. In all cases I found David to be an excellent speaker who not only provided interesting information, but also presented it with authority and in an extremely interesting way - which both involved and captured the attention of the audience.  I highly recommend David and look forward to the next time I experience one of his presentations.

David, Business Broker

PPCN recently invited David to speak to an audience of GP’s and nurses at our end of year networking event. Although the audience had a clinical background David still managed to provide insight into what we can do in the present, to improve our quality of life in our later years. The presentation included lots of practical tips to incorporate exercise in everyday life wherever you are and whatever you are doing, at whatever age! It was a truly motivational presentation.


The session was interactive and gave us time to reflect on what you do and think of changes you could make.

Interesting, informative and thought provoking

Lively and engaging presentation of very useful ideas and skills

Workshop Testimonials

By attending David’s workshop at 53 years of age I now have the inspiration, motivation & most importantly the skills to move forward & build myself a fitter future. I have been doing the repetitions as advised & I have lost 2kg in the first week. It’s hard work but; I am loving the results. Thanks David.

Leigh Livermore, Build a Fitter Future workshop

I found your workshop to be extremely helpful and informative, so much so that I have started a walking regime and leap out of bed when the alarm clock sounds.  It was good to hear from someone who lives the message. 

Your hint about getting gear ready the night before for any exercise regime etc was terrific – I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before.  I have found it very helpful, and it cuts down time spent getting ready.

Jan, Build a Fitter Future workshop

Executive Mentoring testimonials

When I first met with David I was struggling with fatigue.  I was overweight, had lost a lot of my fitness and was really finding it hard to focus on work.  As a result, both my business and family life were suffering.

David gave me some straightforward, practical steps to get my health and fitness back on track.  As someone who has been involved in business and has a family he knew how to help me incorporate exercise and relaxation into my already busy schedule.  

Checking in with David on a regular basis kept me on track and focused on what was really important.  My business is growing, my fitness is back to where I want it to be and my health is better than it has been in years.  I sleep better, am able to focus better and am much happier than I was.  My wife even changed her exercise and diet, has lost weight and looks great.

Roman, Business Owner