Client Feedback


“David Beard was invited to speak at our annual staff conference where we bring everyone together to inspire, generate new ideas and foster team spirit.  Having spent the afternoon prior discussing and brainstorming ways to improve occupational health and safety, his talk that night was an excellent fit for the programme. 

David spoke about what we can do now, to improve our quality of life in our later years in an amusing and insightful manner.  Lots of practical tips to strengthen your muscles (and your resolve) wherever you are’ eating tips, drinking, sleeping and exercising tips. David inspired and challenged us all to make healthy lifestyle choices. “

Anne Marie


“I have experienced 3 presentations from David Beard, ranging from 20 people to over 200 people. In all cases, I found David to be an excellent speaker who not only provided interesting information but also presented it with authority and in an extremely interesting way - which both involved and captured the attention of the audience. I highly recommend David and look forward to the next time I experience one of his presentations.”



David Beard’s presentation at the IAAA conference in Perth was the perfect start to a long day in the conference room. The interactive nature of David’s presentation not only captured and held the attention of the delegates but also invigorated the audience for the following presentations. One of the highlights of the conference.



David Beard was the Keynote speaker at Council on the Ageing’s Stay on your feet week seminar. His informative talk on active ageing strategies was a hit with our audience.  Feedback from our participants rated him as ‘Excellent’ and we look forward to David presenting with us in the future.  His message is well delivered and even better received.  All the hallmarks of an excellent presentation.

Ken, Executive Director


PPCN recently invited David to speak to an audience of GP’s and nurses at our end of year networking event. Although the audience had a clinical background David still managed to provide insight into what we can do in the present, to improve our quality of life in our later years. The presentation included lots of practical tips to incorporate exercise in everyday life wherever you are and whatever you are doing, at whatever age! It was a truly motivational presentation.


Hi David – many thanks for giving your time to us today.  The presentation was fantastic.  Loved your style – a combination of great info, humour, the opportunity for audience feedback and input, very apt PP.  Again – thank you.



‘Many thanks, David for sharing your expertise and knowledge with our team across a number of critical sessions. This information is being used by team members to improve aspects of their work and home life and also helping to improve the overall ‘wellness’ of our work environment as a direct result of your expertise’

Joel Woods

Engagement and Transitions Manager


Department of Education, Statewide Services

David presented at our staff development day aimed at supporting staff awareness on self-care practices. His session was very informative on the influence that hormones have when we are stressed. All staff were engaged in the session and have gone on to imbed some of the learning from the session into their daily self-care practices.

Dave Dennis

Associate Principal


I first met David as a Presenter to a retirement group. David is multi-talented, and it has been my pleasure to have the opportunity to hear him on several occasions during the years that have followed. David encourages us to savour growing older and live life fully. He has the capacity to introduce us to our own vulnerabilities, our self-deceptions and not to miss any opportunity to enjoy the excitement that the passing years can bring with his slants and suggestions through presentations and written material.

Marie Bolt

Resident Board Member


As the number of older Australians grow, there is a need to convince seniors how to make these years as enjoyable and self-fulfilling as possible. David Beard accomplishes this in his lively, educational presentation to seniors. He not only inspires, but many are motivated to change their mind-set and set achievable goals. He deals with all aspects of one's life - diet, health and fitness.

David challenges older people to get the most from their life. His book, “If I’d only known I’d live this long,” puts those ideas into reality when there is a need to refresh your goals.