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Meet David

With so much conflicting and contradictory health information available today, it is no surprise that people are overwhelmed and confused, not knowing what to do to achieve optimal health.  David’s ability to help people make sense of all the ‘noise’ is what sets him apart from other health professionals.  David’s ability to help people understand their own body and physiology means they can find the lifestyle strategies that going to make the biggest difference for them. 


As well as being an experienced Accredited Exercise Physiologist specialising in metabolic health, David is a Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.  His knowledge spans a range of health-related topics, and he is continually researching and studying to keep up to date with an ever-changing health information landscape.


David walks the talk.  As a retired triathlete and father of two sons, he knows the challenges of staying fit and healthy while balancing career, family and community service.  In his presentations, he combines his vast knowledge of physiology and health with his decades of experience in applying that knowledge to the real world.


Participants leave David’s presentations with tools and strategies to stay as healthy as possible while still fulfilling their work and family responsibilities.  He believes staying healthy is the only way to ensure a long, happy and purposeful life.

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David Beard is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with over four decades of experience in the health industry.  He specialises in helping clients with diabetes, PCOS, inflammatory conditions and weight struggles improve their metabolic health.


David is a Director of HFRC, a multidisciplinary allied health clinic in Nedlands. If you would like to speak with David about how to work with him or one of his team at HFRC, please use the contact page.


Work individually with David

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