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Practical solutions to be healthy for life

David Beard takes the vast and often confusing amount of health information and distils it into practical, usable information so clients go away with knowledge and strategies to implement lifestyle changes that are effective and sustainable.

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Manage your physiology

Our physiology isn’t designed for the always-on, fast-paced world we live in.  If you aren’t aware of how your body works, you are destined to feel stressed, tired and fatigued.  This session explores how key hormones influence how you feel and perform.  It provides an overview of our physiology and the lifestyle choices we can make every day to feel good and perform well.  It provides a good introduction to topics covered in more detail during subsequent sessions.


You are “not necessarily” what you eat

Nutrition science is one of the most conflicted and polarizing areas of health.  Because of that, there is so much nutrition information out there it’s confusing; every week there is a new “study” telling us to eat this or avoid that.  The truth is that we are all different and there is no one way of eating for everyone.  In this session, you will learn about different eating patterns, how biases and beliefs have infiltrated science and what might be best for you.  You will leave with a better understanding of how the way you eat impacts your metabolic and general health.

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Make a Move

We know exercise is important, but no-one wants to spend hours every day exercising.  In this session you will learn how our understanding of exercise has evolved over the years, from the belief that being aerobically fit was all that mattered to realising the importance of maintaining muscle mass and strength.  Understand the health benefits of different types of exercise but more importantly learn how to get and stay fit in less time.

Make a Move

It's all in your Mind

Mindfulness is about training your brain.  In today’s 24/7 connected world, we are constantly being pulled in different directions with endless distractions and demands.  Whilst work-life balance used to make sense, it no longer applies in our fast-paced always available world.  This session explores strategies to teach your brain to focus so your physiology isn’t “on” more than it needs to be.

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Back Care
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Look after your Back

Ninety per cent of adults experience back pain at some time in their life.  Learn how to look after your back and minimize your chance of back pain.  This session gives an understanding of the structure of the back and how back pain doesn’t necessarily mean serious damage.  It discusses strategies to reduce back pain and how to strengthen the muscles that protect your back.

Sleep Right

Sleep is increasingly being recognised as an essential component of staying healthy.  For years, people wore their ability to get by with minimal sleep as a badge of honour.  However, the research now shows that both the quality and quantity of sleep are important.

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Sustaining healthy habits 

For many, introducing new behaviours or making a lifestyle change is achievable, but sustaining it long-term is where they struggle.  This session explores the science of behaviour change and how it applies to healthy habits.  You’ll go away with some ideas and tactics to help you make healthy lifestyle choices your new normal. This session also reviews the program and an opportunity for participants to clarify, question and consolidate.


Age Well

This session reveals the seven characteristics of people who live a long and fulfilling life. Based on David’s years of working in the Aged Care industry and his first book “If I’d only known I’d live this long,” this session is a great way to learn what changes people

can make earlier in life to ensure they age gracefully and with the energy and enthusiasm they desire. He will share stories and lessons from some inspirational “old-timers” to help you discover what is possible as you enter the twilight years.

This session is perfect as a keynote or to conclude the Practically Healthy series.

Age Well
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